The Spotlight’s On Olivia: No, Seriously!


So, imagine you are faced with an opportunity to photograph a good friend of yours but because of non-daylight savings time you don’t have many hours of sunlight in the sky AND you don’t have portable flash equipment on your person, what do you do? That’s right!! You pack it up, call it quits, so to your local Starbucks and order the Venti Soy-No Soy Double-Triple pump Cream-No Cream Caf-Decaf Vanilla Latte Chai and wax poetically with your friend about the alignment of the planets and the world ending in 2012 because the shoot can’t happen. Lol!!! No silly!!! You don’t call it quits, and you don’t order something that has a name as long as the Mets championship drought. While the available light from the sun may be gone until the next day, there are still some places that have good amounts of artificial available light that is just ripe for the picking (provided that your camera can go beyond an ISO of 1600 and/or a fast aperture in the f/1.2-2.8 area). The trade-off to the higher ISO shooting would be digital noise, but thankfully in the day of digital photography there is a vast ocean of programs that will minimize the appearance of noise; so I’d say the trade-off is well worth it in the end.

My session with Miss Olivia is an example of this (finding light sources that will make for great images). Remembering that Washington Square Park utilizes spotlights (because they illuminate the archway in the park), this was an opportunity to see what great post-daylight shots I can get, and boy did I get some shots. Thankfully, the archway was lit from below also so that gave some additional light sources to work with. 🙂 Free lights, who knew?! I stuck to using f/2.8 with my Hasselblad lens (via the Hasselblad to Canon lens adapter) and an ISO of 1600. With the lights at the location, it gave me about a 1/30-1/50 shutter speed; and a workout to try and keep the camera steady. I may utilize this park again in the future, possibly with sunlight out, just to see what else I can get. And now, some more images. Please enjoy and see you at the next update.

[JRP ’12]