The Return (Free plus Shipping & Handling)


*breaks out the Swiffer™ and dusts of the blog*. First off, let me say Happy New Year to those who visits the J.Reid Photography blog and I pray that your 2012’s are off to a fine start and that those pesky new year’s resolutions are still being upheld. I can safely say that mine are intact, mostly because I don’t make resolutions, I set goals and work towards them for the duration of the year. I can hear that one person in the background already screaming, “where are the photos so I can critique the work!”; or at the very least, “where are the photos so we know that you are alive?!”. Well, not in this entry, however I can safely say that new entries are on the way for the month of February. Don’t worry, you will get to critique my work soon.

During the time I haven’t posted I have had the opportunity to reflect some on the year that was my photography, and photography practices. I have had very successful moments, moments in which I questioned my ability as a photographer and/or thought no one cared of my work, and very low moments in which I’ve surpassed photo deadlines (not the occasional 1-3 days over deadline, but in some cases deadlines not even being met). The successful moments go without any explanation as those are trimuphiant moments in my photo career, my other moments, well, in some cases I’d like to forget them altogether and some cases I feel I don’t have the luxury of just sweeping under the rug. One of the goals for 2012 is communication first then achieving deadlines. I say communication first because I’m realizing that there are situations in which I’ll need deadline extensions because of other obligations higher than my passion/job, but that information needs to be conveyed to my clients to keep them in the loop of what’s going on. Communication is also helpful because your client knows the progression of the project and it keeps a friendly dialog going and builds up a good working relationship and in some cases may lead to a second project with said client. Broken communication can do the opposite and I’m learning is just as bad (or worse) then end results of poor quality. So in 2012, that is definitely one thing I will be fixing going forward. Can I promise that it will never happen again for the rest of my life, no,… no God am I; however I can work towards better customer service. ^^
As for the moments in which I will question my worth as a photographer and/or feel that my work is not favored over the work of other photographer’s work(s), I can only begin to focus my individual progression and minimize those moments. The moment I focus on how much better someone is or how much more attention they get I can see my focus slipping away and my desire to continue as a photographer fading. In the upcoming year, I hope that I do have moments where more people will notice what I’m doing in photography and how I’m progressing, but I do understand that if that doesn’t happen, it’s not the worse thing in the world.
As the new year continues, I hope that whatever your trade/passion/hobby is that you would not let setbacks or lack of feedback stop you from progressing forward in what you love to do and I pray that 2012 is your year to shine and improve upon what you have done in 2011. Cheers and enjoy.
[JRP ’12]