The Unofficial Official End of the Year Entry…Thank Yous are in Order.


Happy Wednesday people!!! The year is almost over and I’m already excited to what the new year has in store for myself and for all of us. Normally I use Wednesdays for the Unblogged Photo entry but it will resume in January; I wanted to use this entry to thank some people in a unique and interesting way. Without further a do, let the thankaration (not a Words With Friends word) begin!!!

The “It’s So Cold And I’m Still Being Photographed” Award

This one definitely has to go to Ms. Aglaelle N. She braved 30 degree temps and snow on the ground (and in her heels) to get her first photo session and I really do thank her for braving the elements. Models (or models in training) shoot all season long, not just when the sun is out shining; so thanks Aggie for that January day.

The “Like A Good Neighbor, Statefarm (I’m) Is There” Award

Mariposa on the Stairway to Nowhere

This one would definitely have to go to Imōto-Chan, Rebecca H. Whenever I wanna try out a new photo technique or outfit idea, she is always excited about being in front of the camera. 99.9% of the time we schedule to shoot, she is there and ready to go. So I must give her credit and her props with this award. Amazing young lady, very talented, and very mature for her age. Looking forward to 2012 and seeing what new images we can get.

The “Swiss Army Knife” Award

By Swiss Army Knife, I mean someone who is talented in more than just one thing, and Ronnie D. definitely is a Swiss Army Knife. When she is not modeling (yes, I am bringing you out of retirement), she is a good MUA (make-up artist) and a good poses coach. Whenever I get stuck with a pose for a model, in comes Ronnie and the results are amazing. Ronnie(ng), you are such a good friend and I value what you have done this year with all three of your skills and 2012 will be no different.

The “How Were You Able To Do That Pose In Those Shoes?” Award

Andreana O. (aka &reana), I still don’t know how you were able to pull this off, and I still don’t know how I was able to time this shot right; but I’m glad that we were both able to achieve this together. She did an amazing job during the photo session, and I definitely will remember this pose for years to come (hopefully the li’l bruise you got won’t remember that li’l tumble you took). Can’t wait to collab with you one more time.

The “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” Award

This one would definitely go to Damaris P. because after our last photo session, she left the greater NYC area. #profoundSADNESS But we definitely got some images. When you come back to NYC, the assistants and I await your presence and the comedy you provide. Sidenote: Do you see that tie!!! Compliments of Gabby.

The “XY” Award

Big shout-out to Kimbo G. He rolled up to the photo session knowing he was going to get some pretty good pictures and the SWAG was ever present. I think this was one of the most hilarious sessions ever, non-stop jokes and laughs. Thank you Kimbo for being you and being willing and able to do photos. 2012 another session perphaps?

The “I Have A Guitar in my Hand, Why Don’t You?” Award

After doing a shoot in 2010 with a friend who could play the cello, thought I’d do another shoot with another friend who is musically gifted and Damaris G. would be said individual. After getting the guitar situated correctly these series of images came out the way that I hoped it would. Thanks Damaris for allow your guitar and yourself to be photographed by me. Hope to work with you again in 2012.

The “You Are Amazing” Award

Kitanya, thank you so much for not only being in front of the camera this year and the last couple of years, but for supporting me every step of the way in this journey o’mine. All those times that I thought about throwing in the towel, all the times I had a photographer’s block (equivalent of Writer’s Block), all the times I wasn’t sure if I was a good enough photographer, you’ve always encouraged me, helped me out whenever you can, and prayed for me; and that support is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for all you have done in 2011 and 2012 will definitely be a year we both won’t forget.

Other Thank Yous

Assistants: Shout out the people who have assisted during these sessions, Jonathan, Mohan (Mo-B), Jason M., Gabby, Jimmel, Dan, Rebecca, The Guillens (Damaris and Priscilla), Ronnie, James (Rico Ratchet), Linda C. and Brittania. Thank you for the few hours of time that you have donated to me to be able to help like reflecting light, hold the flash, or sometimes doing both. It really means a lot and I appreciate greatly.

Those In Front of the Camera: Without these people, the images would contain just the location, so a huge thanks to the following: Aglaelle, Brittania, Dania, Kitanya, Kimbo, Aubresha, Jason J., Damaris G., Priscilla, Damaris P., Natalie, Ronnie, Cassie, Jessica T.C., Andreana, Rebecca, Samantha, Hilcia, Aminata, Elizabeth (Luna), Nisla, and Blanca B. If Ihave left anyone out (I believe I did not), please let me know and I shall add thee to this list.

Those Not In Front of Camera: Shout out to Amina M. for supporting my work this calendar year. I know we didn’t get a chance to work together in 2011, but I very much appreciate the comments that you left for me and the feedback that was given. Also to Iris S. for doing the same. The support means a lot Iris, and thank you for supporting me through out the years. Your li’l one will soon become a better photographer as well. And thank you, kind viewers, for reading this blog and sharing with your friends and your loved ones. I pray that you have seen some progress made from January to now, and hope that you will come along for the ride in 2012 to see more progression.

See you in the 2012, and have a safe and prosperous New Year, and may your dreams, goals, and needs be fulfilled and met.

[JRP ’11]