‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying the day before Christmas, and then in a few more hours, the night before Christmas. I’m very thankful to have reached this point of the year once again, and that I have the gift of life on this day. Hopefully the gifts underneath the tree bring a smile and the Christmas Eve functions/gatherings/parties are ones to remember for years to come.

I pray that as we draw closer to Christmas, that each of my readers are in (or will be in) the company of loved ones, friends, and extended family. Please remember that the gift of family and friends is a gift that should be cherished and is more value than any iPad, laptop, eReader, car, clothing (especially $180 sneakers that people will beat up other people over), jewelry, etc. that you will get this holiday season. Gifts come and go and lose value over time, but friends and family don’t and only increase in value as time goes on.

I wish you and yours a very Merry CHRISTmas (Jesus Christ being the reason for the season), and very prosperous New Year that is 2012. Here is my holiday gift to you, some Christmas themed images. Enjoy!!!

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PS: My 2011 Entry of Thanks is coming soon. This entry will be dedicated to some very special people so you do not want to miss it!!!

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