Photoshop: A Blessing or A Dirty Curse…?


What’s up fellow readers? Hope the week has been treating you very kind. Thought I’d use a blog entry to spark a conversation/debate/whatever-you-wanna-call-it. The topic in question…PHOTOSHOP!!! (and a few people ball-up at the mention of that name). Or more specifically, the following questions:

  1. Should Photoshop be used on portraits and how far should one go with utilizing this program?
  2. When does it become a tool or when does it become a crutch?
  3. When does one make the decision to leave an image as is or utilize Photoshop?
  4. Does the debate about Photoshop become a non-factor if it is part of one’s personal style?
  5. If a photograph (digital or scanned analog) goes through Photoshop, should we even consider it to be a photograph?

Would love to hear your responses to these questions, especially the last question; and would love to respond to your answers given. So viewers, what say you?