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Oi, mina! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say God is so good, and He deserves all the glory for all that He has done, doing, and is getting ready to do. That is all. It’s time for another installment of “Imoto-chan’s One Photo.” Ikuzo!


Isn’t this image so darn whimsical? Ya’ll already know I’m a nature lover at heart (at least, I’d hope you would. Considering how many times it’s featured on this blog). This is one of those incredible moments in life that we can so easily miss, yet this magnificent and favored photographer managed to capture and share with the rest of the interwebs! What I love about this pic? A few things; The misty blue/green background that I can’t quite make out, the fact that the image lady bug brings a whole lot of analogies to mind, and the shine off the back of its closed spotted wings. As you can see, I am very much impressed by the little things in a photo that create the overall emotion/perception. What makes this picture so worthy of mention is the fact that it reminds me of a witch on a broomstick making an escape, a cowboy riding its trusty steed, a little person with a big imagination going on incredible adventures into the infinite unknown! Lemme stop before I go off and turn this blog post into a novel of my own.

 The name of the photographer of this cute and unique pic is Lentilcia Jagoda, or simply Letilcia via DeviantArt. She’s a Poland native and has an extensive portfolio of beautiful nature shots and impactful portraits. On a side not, I’m really digging her skills with photoshop. According to her info, she utilizes Photoshop CS2 for her editing needs. See people? You don’t need the most recent program to make good quality images (run and tell that!). This particular photo is titled Impossible is nothing. An inspiring image like this could very well make you think so, ne?

Link to Lentilcia’s DeviantArt:
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Ja ne!