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Konichiwa, mina! I hear you guys are in for a load of updates this week, excited? I sure am…considering I get to see an entry that I’ve been anticipating for WEEKS. *clears throat* Eh…right, anywho. This year is so totally over, I can tell this month is gonna be gone faster than u can say Akemashite omedetou (happy New Year). Of course I have a new piece of eye candy exclusively for your viewing pleasure. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath all weekend. It’s time for another installment of “Imoto-chan’s One Photo”.  Ikuzo!

Do you know who this is? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Take your time to recollect for a moment.

….Anybody? No?

I am seriously disappointed. This fair beauty is, in my opinion, one of the BEST female cosplayers out there. Normally, I would discuss the image then the photographer, but in this case I have to talk highly of this particular model.  Her name is Alodia Gosiengfiao, A.K.A blackmage9 on DeviantArtShe’s a Philippine beauty with a portfolio that could rival Kanye’s ego (to all the Kanye lovers out there, *kanye shrug*). Alodia is quite popular on DA, and as I previously alluded, is best known for her experience in cosplay. She has done such animes/mangas as Death Note, WitchBlade, Final Fantasy, Yakuza, DOT, and so much more. Her career has most definitely taken off since last I saw her a few years ago up until now.

This photo is called An Elven Fairy’s Backyard.  This serene sprite is gazing peacefully at the beautiful playground she has set up for herself. Living amongst trees with such gorgeous pink blossoms must be the ideal for such a fantasy character. I’m a big fan of matching, don’t get me wrong, but I do dislike when people overdo it. Whether that be with clothes, furniture, photos, whatever. I would have to say that this pic is just to my liking, though. The blurry background does not take away from the elegance of the Fairy’s overall appearance. I also like how the headdress goes along with the surroundings; it all seems to fit together. It probably helps that all of the colors are relatively neutral, nothing bright or distracting throwing off the balance of this shot. I really would like to know the secret to designing and creating such elaborate costumes. The lighting is highlighting her features perfectly, giving her skin a soft and surreal glow. According to the model, all of this was done with natural sunlight. Things like this encourage me in my desire to do some cosplay later on. After all, I am quite the anime lover myself.

I know that I usually don’t do this, but I intend to let the name of the photographer remain hidden until a later time because I wanted to highlight the model specifically. Gomenasai~ ^^;

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