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Konichiwa, mina! Last you may have noticed (or not, that’s cool too) that there was no Imoto-chan entry. That was completely done on purpose…I so did NOT forget to make an entry. Pssh, what? Anyway, hope you all had fun eating up all that good food over the weekend. This is the last week of November, which means what? That’s right-CHRISTMAS TIME! Expect to see a few entries celebrating the holiday spirit, ne? Any who, it’s time for another [belated] entry of Imoto-chan’s One Photo. Ikuzo!

So being that we’re about to transition from November to December, I decided to take this last moment to honor the beauty that is autumn. This is my favorite time of year and once it’s gone, I won’t be seeing it for about three more seasons. I have this grave suspicion (after what occurred late October with our winter wonderland incident) that winter snow will be greeting us before the year is through. Just my theory, don’t quote me on that because I’m hoping that I’m wrong. This image is like the perfect Kodak moment, still life and embodiment of all that is Fall. Golden leaves descending into a luminescent lake below a wooden bridge under which little brown ducks float by. I love the draping, overcastting trees that border the lake. You can still see some green leaves peeking through their rusty colored neighbors. MY favorite thing about this picture is how the gold in the leaves makes the water itself look orange, to me that’s pretty freaking cool.

This beautiful photo is called Amber Autumn, and was found during one of my trips down DeviantArt lane.  The onlooker behind the capture of this image doesn’t state his name, but on DA he goes by Oer-Wout. From perusing through his other pieces he seems really into photographing still life and scenery, mostly nature shots. He hails from the Netherlands, as does this beautiful shot which he shared with the DA community. I’ll probably be posting up some of his other work in the distant future because he’s obviously really good at what he does.

Link to Oer-wout’s DA:

Until next time fam,
Ja ne!

Imoto chan