The Unblogged Photo: After The Rings


Welcome to another edition of the Unblogged Photo, brought to you by yours truly. Sorry for the week hiatus with this segment of the blog, but I wanted to sift through the archives and pull up a really good photo instead of just posting for the sake of just posting. This week’s Unblogged comes from the 2009 folder on my hard drive, it was a photograph taken after completing my studio lighting course at City College. The model who was in front the camera was willing to shoot three different looks in a span of two hours and I really loved this shot a lot. It may just end up on my business cards…hmmmmm. What do you think? Successful or Unsuccessful? And do you think that a shot like this can wind up in a magazine? Anyway, enjoy this week’s Unblogged and see you next time. And also, enjoy the Thanksgiving Weekend, Black Friday, and time spent with your loved ones.

[JRP ’11]