Imōto-Chan’s One Photo


Konichiwa, mina! This year, autumn has turned into a season of revelation and enlightenment for me. I’m beginning to see some things in myself that I was blind to back in January. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but that happens sometimes when it comes to change. Any who, I’m hoping your November has been going swimmingly so far. It’s time for another installment of “Imoto-chan’s One Photo.” Ikuzo!

Hold on, stop reading if you please. Let’s pause for a moment. Look at this picture, really look at it. What do you see? If all u can think is “I see some person standing in the middle of water looking at nothing.” Then you, my friend, need to expand your thinking just a bit. I cannot describe to you how this photo makes me feel. Wonder, joy, awe, tranquility, and a few other things I can’t quite pinpoint. I found this image whilst clicking away on DeviantArt and felt the title suited it perfectly. It’s called What’s Ahead. I wish I knew the secret to getting such a gorgeous panoramic shot like this. Your eye gets a really good grasp of the location versus the being that stands in the middle of it all. A dark silhouette against the vastness of what I can only assume is some type of lake, completely void of any greenery. I can’t get enough of that incredible powder blue sky with soft streaks of cirrus cloud as the mid-day sun gleams through.

I don’t know if I said it before, but I have this thing for images of skies. I find the sky to be so unique and breathtaking. I really want to know what the person was thinking as they stared off into the distance. Were they simply admiring the beauty, or was their mind racing with dreams and goals and aspirations for their future? Heck, maybe they were just like “Hurry up and take the shot!”I know very little about this photographer-mainly because he doesn’t give a whole lot of information about himself. His name is Robin, he is German, and his DA name is const-de (whatever that means). He seems to enjoy photographing Cosplay, Landscapes, Scenery, and Portraits. Hopefully we can see more gorgeous images from him in the future.

Link to Robin’s DA:

Until next time, Ja ne!