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Hajimemashite, mina? I’m trying to expand my resources for where I get pictures. If you know any photographers or websites where I can find more material that would be greeeeat.  I can’t wait till the time comes where I can put some of my own work on here. That won’t be for a while though, since I work exclusively with film. Anyway, it’s time to discusses and dissect another beautiful photo in this week’s installment of “Imoto-chan’s One Photo.” Ikuzo!

Peepz, I don’t know if you know this but…I’m a BIG fan of ominous scenery-dark gradient skies, foggy nights, and gloomy atmospheres. *Dreamy sigh* they are so beautiful and mysterious. That being said, I found this awesome pic while surfing Flickr. This place is known as St Thomas a Beckett Church. As quoted by the photographer:

“Fairfield lies between Brookland and Brenzett on a minor road in a deserted part of the Walland Marsh”.

Apparently the history of this place is just as interesting as the location itself.Demo, I won’t get into that. Instead I will talk about the different dimensions of this picture that makes it truly epic.

This is a very difficult lighting to capture. Dark, stormy skies have always been my favorite. The church is engulfed in shadow, with the fading sunlight illuminating it from behind. And yet the field is into in complete darkness. The rows of grass/hay look almost like crashing waves as the naturally formed roads curve at odd angles. In the distance all you can see is the wooden fence and the rolling grey clouds. I adore pictures with powerful simplicity. There was nothing that could contribute to this image to make it anymore breathtaking than what it is. This perspective gives us a really great scope of everything. The man behind the lens is Daniel Hannabbus, A.K.A. Tired but Willin on Flickr. Based on his work, he seems to enjoy taking shots of beautiful scenery. We get to see the world around him through his eyes via his camera. I hope that I can do something like this as I become more experienced and knowledgeable!

Link to Daniel’s Flickr:
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