Imōto-Chan’s One Photo


Konnichiwa, mina! I’m sorry for the late update. I have really been slacking lately with my online commitments. I don’t even go on facebook as much as I used to (le gasp)! This weather has been crazy as you all have seen, and the fact that I’m feeling a little under the weather isn’t helping. Oh well, that won’t stop me from making another awesome entry. Ikuzo!


The moment I stumbled upon this picture I stopped surfing DA immediately and stared in awe. Look at the colors! Look at them! This bird is so absolutely breathtaking. Such an amazing shot, I think the photographer was lucky to get a picture of this rare bird. Yes-this bird is very real. It is called a Gouldian Finch or the Rainbow Finch. This beautiful creature is an Australian native on the verge of extinction. You know how people are, when they see something unique and pretty in nature they try to take it and domesticate it. I wonder how many other incredible creatures have gone extinct due to human error.

The photographer behind the lens of this camera is a talented female by the name of Karin Eberhard. I sifted through some of her other photos and she seems to be really into Nature and expressive Portraits. I really enjoy most of her work; the soft and dramatic images are all quite captivating.

Link to Karin’s website:

Link to Karin’s DA:

Until next time, Ja ne!