The Unblogged Photo: PhotoPlus Expo 2008


Welcome to another installation of the Unblogged Photo on the J.Reid photography blog. Since I’m excited about the PDN PhotoPlus Expo starting tomorrow at 10am, I thought I would share a photo that I took at the event some three years ago with (my then) brand new Canon XSi camera. Background story of the shot after the image…

So, this image came to be thanks to a vendor that was at the expo. They were selling a product that allows for the photographer to use studio lights without being physically tethered to them (remote flash triggers are the proper name; PocketWizard is an example of a company that makes these, though this was not the brand I played around with). Of course, those will dSLR cameras on them were able to try them out and photograph the model sitting behind the picture frame. It was pretty cool. I believe the settings for this one was at either f/8 or f/11 at my camera’s sync speed of 1/200. And yes, though it will not go into my portfolio I did want to smooth her skin some in Photoshop; good practice right?

Normally I would end the post with the standard “Unblogged Photo now Blogged”, however if you are interested in going to the PhotoPlus Expo 2011, head on over to the website: and check out the price of admission. I believe the FREE admission period has come and gone, but sometimes they will do some sort of last minute promotion in order to get attendance up for Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy, and now…another Unblogged Photo is Blogged

[JRP ’11]