Imōto-Chan’s One Photo


Oi, mina! Enjoying October? I sure have been, demo it’s almost over. This year is going by pretty quickly. I don’t know if I’m dressing up for Halloween this year, but I do enjoy the festivities that it has to offer. Anyway, enough of my rambling, it’s time for another installment of “Imoto-chan’s One Photo.” Ikuzo!

This is more of a fashion-esque photo than anything else, simply a picture of a striking red head sitting on wooden stairs. I think this photo is awesome! I’m a big fan of natural lighting, and I’m sure Photoshop Actions helped them get this nice tone to the image. The outfit is really cool, from the (brown?) glove down to those awesome buckled black boots. The title of this photo is “Wind”, and rightfully so. Many a photographer know how hard it is to get the power of wind to play in your favor. This image was taken by a cameraman named Rob Drobek, which I found it via the model’s deviantART. One detail that I LOVE, that u can’t quite see in this picture, is the lady’s striking grey eyes shrouded by a smoky metallic eye shadow that were slightly enhanced for the shot. Nice touch, Rob.

Link to Rob Drobeks’s website:
Link to model’s deviantART:

Until next time peeps, Ja ne!