The Unblogged Photo: Juan V. Garcia


Welcome to another edition of The Unblogged Photo with yours truly. Before we get to the image I have to reveal the winner of the Red Hook Crane 16×24 print from last week’s contest. I would say hand me the envelope, however we are in a recession and I must save my envelopes for correspondence via the pony express,…don’t judge me. And the winner of the 16×24 print is… Amina M. Congratulations on winning, may the image bring joy to the area of the room in which you will place it. And without further-a-do…

Upon digging through the archives of photographs stored away on my Western Digital 250GB external hard drive, I stopped when I came across this photo of my friend and photographer buddy Juan. Not only do I respect him as a photographer but I respect him as a friend; he is real, uncensored (good because you never had to guess if was being real or fake, bad…because someone would go home crying every 2.3 days, j/k), very knowledgeable, hilarious, and always willing to help someone whenever they needed the help. Just to expand on the last quality, he has always made his equipment available whenever I had a shoot in the college’s studio, so a big THANK YOU is necessary. I had the opportunity to meet him during my 2nd to last year at City College when I was in my 2nd year of taking photography courses and I can say that I have learned a lot from him. Definitely made the last 2 years at City the most memorable and most productive. This photo was never intended to be posted on the blog or anywhere as it was just sitting in my schoolwork folder on said hard drive but I felt that this pose is classic and vintage Juan and converting it to Black & White would do it some justice, so it had to make its way to the blog via the Unblogged Photo segment.

Once again, another Unblogged Photo is now Blogged.
[JRP ’11]