Imōto-Chan’s One Photo


Konichiwa, mina! It’s so cold out right now. I mean I prefer the colder over the summery ones but it feels like the Mother Nature is having some serious mood swings. I love fall because it gives me the opportunity to wear my nice light jackets and sweaters, layers are definitely key.  Nanishiro (anyway), it’s time for another installment of “Imōto-chan’s One Photo!” Ikuzo!

This entry will be based on the works of Derek Blanks, a skilled photographer who is well known for his “Alter Ego” series. I, personally, am a big fan of his concept. Demo, I have a few bones to pick with him as well. These are just a few examples of his work compiled together to give you a few different ideas of what he has done. After pouring over quite a few of his pictures I’d have to say that in many of the photos I see one thing-not enough contrast.

Your alter ego is supposed to be, in a sense, your doppelganger. That means if you’re a goody toe shoes, your AE is bad to the bones. I didn’t see a whole lot of that in his pictures, or I saw it but he didn’t push it far enough for me. Simply putting a model in two different outfits doesn’t suddenly make her an “Alter Ego.” If you look at the two images at the top, the difference in women isn’t very apparent. The original’s persona doesn’t seem to be that different from her doppelganger’s. Simply because they have different clothes and make up doesn’t give me the message that this is a totally different girl with a complete 180 degree attitude.

On the other hand, the lower halves of these images are really great contrasts. The Puppet Master vs Puppets and the Hero rescuing a Damsel (I’m sure Justin is chuckling about the Damsel comment…for reasons I shall not say.) Both of those images have clear messages that have been communicated effectively through the models and the clothing.

Regardless I still admire his work and skills in photography. it has always been a desire of mine to do my own “Alter Ego” photo. Perhaps I can pitch it to Justin so you guys can see it in the near future? Oy, Onee-saaaan….

Link to Derek Blanks’ website:

Until next time guys, Ja ne!