Imōto-Chan’s One Photo


Konnichiwa, mina! I’m Mariposa, A.K.A Imouto-chan. This will be my first post ever on my new segment “Imōto-chan’s One Photo.” I am Justin’s close friend/basically-his-adopted-kid-sister, which is where the name “Imouto-chan” comes from (meaning little sister). In this series I will be showing you an image that has really caught my eye based on its photographic and artistic quality. I’m only an amateur photographer but I’ve been looking at works like these since Junior High. Therefore, I am very opinionated and critical when it comes to professional photography. That all being said, I hope you enjoy the images I scavange up and my commentary on each piece. ^_^ Ikuzo!

This image is by an old favorite, forgottenx on DeviantArt. It’s one of his more recent works-the image of a hand picking someone up by the back of their shirt. Now, how exactly did he do this? Not a clue-but it’s still pretty darn cool! I’m guessing that he had to literally jump in the air in that pose, and take a picture of a shadow of a hand on a wall using a lamp. Now, you could be thinking, “Dude, that’s photoshopped.”, but in my opinion forgottenx doesn’t rely too much on photoshop. It may be two separate images of the shadow and the pose put together, but I think that’s about it. This is one of those photos that make you say, “That must’ve took a lot of tries to get just right.” I appreciate those kind of photos. They show an artist’s dedication, time, and vision. There’s nothing worst then being unable to portray your intended message through your craft and being satisfied with it. Of course, all things are up to interpretation. This guy never fails to impress me with his creativity and pictures.

Link to his DA:

Until next time guys, Ja ne!