The Unblogged Photo: One Starry Night At Lake Champion


So, as you all know, I’ve been doing this series of entries recently called “The Unblogged Photo” in which I take a photograph (sometimes recent, sometimes years ago) and post it to the JRP Blog. Why call it unblogged when in reality every photograph that doesn’t reach the blog is considered “unblogged”? Simple, the photograph either intended to be blogged about but never made it up in timely fashion or it was a photograph that I took a long time ago, before the birth of this blog and thought it might be worth sharing. So now every Wednesday, I will release one photograph and post to the blog under this series (or segment if you will) and briefly discuss…or take the “a photo is worth a thousand words approach” and not attach any words to the entry. But without further-a-do… this week’s “Unblogged Photo”.

To think that when I was setting up for this photograph a little over a month ago, first thought that came to mind was “as soon as I get back to NYC, this image is going up on my blog; it has to!” However, here it is under the heading of THE UNBLOGGED PHOTO; a month after the photograph was taken at Lake Champion in Glen Spey, NY. (Curse you procrastation…) This was my first attempt at long exposure photography (shots longer than a minute), and hopefully this will not be my last attempt. I love how the stars begin to trail in a circular motion and the color of the leaves created by the tungsten lighting of the camp grounds. How I accomplish this you ask? Armed with my remote shutter, hoodie to keep me warm, and a sturdy garbage bin that has a slight slope to use as a tripod, this 5 minute shot was born.

Once again, another Unblogged Photo is now, BLOGGED!

[JRP ’11]