The Model, The MUA, and The Assistant


What do all of things mentioned in the title have in common??? It was the first time that I utilized all three in either a shoot or a test shoot, and it felt pretty darn good!!! Before I go any further and show images I want to publicly thank Ronnie D. for her MUA services for this test shoot, Ronnie, you ROCKED it!! Also would like to thank Ms. Occes for willingly giving up her day and giving up the comfort of her feet for 5″ heels; we won’t talk about the fall, 😉. Finally, to my assistant and now Jedi-in-Training J.Ugarte, continue to take in information about photography and learn from others. This is how you will become better in time.

And now I leave you to the photos. Some of which are behind the scenes and some of which are the results. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes…

…The Finished Product

[JRP ’11]