CHOSEN: Basketball, Life-Skills, and Jesus


Very thankful that the summer time is here, because it usually presents me with another opportunity to document an outdoor league called CHOSEN. Started by a Brother-in-Christ Manny from East Side Tabernacle (, he gives young inner-city youth and young adults the opportunity to learn valuable basketball skills and put them to use in an outdoor basketball league. He also gives them an opportunity to be presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a setting that most people wouldn’t expect to hear the Gospel shared and are given the opportunity, usually during half-time, to begin a relationship (note, not religious rituals, but relationship) with Jesus. And finally, life-skills and lessons that will get them through life and add years to their lives by keeping them out of situations and experiences that most inner-city youth deal with on a day-to-day basis that has the potential to shorten their life-expectancy. I’d say that is a winning combination!

If you have free Wednesday this summer and want to check out some free basketball and intense competition, come down to Sara D Roosevelt Park on the corner of East Houston and Chrystie Streets around 5pm and see it for yourself. And being a photography blog…I leave you with images. Enjoy.

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