The Unblogged Photos: Part 2


It’s hard to believe but there are some more photos that have never made it to the JRP blog. Sometimes it’s because I just never created an entry for them, or some other photos are taken and then entries were written for them. But alas, welcome to Episode 2, if you will, to the Unblogged Photos. Today, I offer three images taken some time ago that will finally get their moment in the sun and will be shared with the world.

Taken during the earlier part of this year, 2011, I was walking around the city with camera in hand and decided to head up to Rockefeller Center to see what was going on and what it had to offer. Besides the ice skating, there was a water fountain feature with a gold statue of a man on display that many a tourist has taken photos of; but a photo that I haven’t taken a picture of yet. I originally took the picture from the straight-on angle trying to capture the water fountain, statue, and flags in the background, but then decided, let me obtain the picture at another angle and just make the statue the primary focus of the image and that’s how I came across this image.

Now this picture, taken in December 2010, was one of those “I needed to take this photo because that light would give a mysterious to you in this photo” moments. Okay, maybe not those exact words, but definitely a moment I could not pass up. Shoutout to Jason for being a willing and able model for the moment, in below 30 degree weather, and for waiting so long before seeing the end result. The case with this photo, use the light on top to create the mysterious look and use some fill-light from off-camera flash just to lighten up some of the shadow areas. Yeah, the flash was too powerful and made the decision not to use it and use Camera Raw to bring some of the shadow detail in. What do ya think?

For the last Unblogged Photo, we have to go all the way back to 2009 for the creation of this photo. I played around with an idea to have my model, Karina, dress up in a dress and heels to achieve a look of a fashion-conscience photographer working in the darkroom (maybe to be released in another Unblogged Photos entry) and working on editing images. I envisioned the end result to be in black and white, since my model was portraying working with black and white images. The scene was constructed by creating a bed of black and white photos on the floor and having my model sit on top of them. Starting firing some shots and decided to add some negatives and draped over her, her holding some, and then placing one negative over her eyes. After that, I believe the images looked much better than the earlier set.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this round of Unblogged Photos. Now, I shall go digging to see what images have gone unpublished on this blog and blog them at a later time.

[JRP ’11]