The D.Peña Experience (ft. Great Friends)


After an amazing experience at the Scott Kelby event “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It” on June 2nd, I was re-energized and ready to start putting some of the amazing tips into practice on some more test shoots. Just to sidetrack, if you’ve never been to a live Scott Kelby event, please put aside the money necessary to go. You really do learn a lot and you add things to your photography/post-edit arsenal that will really be useful. Now back to the post, lol. There to help me with the new round of practicing was D.Peña, and the assisting core of Jason, Gabriella, Jonathan, and Mohan (though Kimbo wasn’t feeling to well I still mention him because he would have been there assisting…and possibly getting us sick.) Armed with two speedlites (lol, a Canon Speedlite 430EZ and 199A), a reflector, eTTL cables, my Canon XSi with 18-200mm Sigma lens, and a shiny penny (thanks D.) I was ready to start putting into practice what I learned.

It’s always good to be around those who are willing to help out and those who want to see you successful; those are the test shoots that wind up being the most successful and the ones you learn the most from. Enjoy the photos, and feel free to critique or leave some remarks or comments if you like. Ciao!!

[JRP ’11]