The Arcade at Central Park…No Video Games BTW


More practices rounds were in order, not just with photography but with the use of a particular location in Central Park. Trying to figure out how to use all parts of this one location in the park call Bethesda Arcade. A beautiful location with lovely tile work, columns, and arches that has been used by wedding photographers and by some portraits/fashion photographers. One of these days I would definitely love to go there, early in the morning when foot traffic is at a minimum and get some awesome shots.

Whilst there, I had the opportunity to meet another photographer using the space by the name of Albert Soto ( Had the opportunity to talk about cameras, equipment, and exchange information. I think that photographers should be approachable and be willing to talk and share about their photography instead of being stand-off-ish or not caring about the progression of other photographers. Albert was definitely one who is approachable and willing to talk about his photography  and what he’s learned while doing it. Please check out his work if you do have a chance, he does some really nice wedding photography, maternity photography, and has some excellent portraits.

A big thanks to Damaris P. for modeling during the brief stay and a shout-out to my two friends/assistants that day, The Guillens (Damaris and Priscilla). Y’all did an amazing job and hope to work with y’all again. And now to the photos. Until the next entry.

[JRP ’11]