Dania and the New Lens (Really an old lens…but it works!!)


Though it has been a while since there has been activity, I have been keeping busy with all things photography; mostly reading. I’ve found that sometimes it can be helpful to get away from shooting and review older photos to see where I can make improvements and to read photo magazines and review other photographers work to see what I can be doing differently. During the downtime I’ve been fortunate to meet other photographers and artists and be able to converse with them, exchange information, and check out their works. I feel that during the summer months I need to continue shooting and continue talking to other photographers in an attempt to not only better my work, but to also make connections that will last my photography career.

While it was a slower month I did manage to purchase a new camera accessory for my Canon. The function: to be able to use my Hasselblad f/2.8 lens 80mm on my Canon Rebel XSi (I know it sounds crazy…why do this to yourself?). And Adorama did have such the device to make this idea a reality (Click for Info: Adorama Brass Hasselblad Lens to Canon EOS Body Mount Adapter) I was able to test it out thanks to Dania G. and I am pleased with the results. The plus of this product is that you can use the lowest aperture possible to blur the background and have the subject pop, or in low light conditions it provides more light to come into the camera once you open up the aperture. The downside would be the loss of auto-focus, and if your camera doesn’t have a split-focus screen to aid in the process, focusing can be difficult and take some time. Another downside is only aperture-priority and manual modes will work.

Take a look at two examples from the new accessory, both images were shot with the Hasselblad Lens (normally used on the 500CM body) at f/2.8 at different shutter speeds at ISO 400. Enjoy the images and the three-day weekend that is Saturday, Sunday, and Memorial Day and see ya in June.

[JRP ’11]