The Unblogged Photos (Now Blogged)


Unblogged. If there were a definition for such a word (currently does not exist), Merriam-Webster dictionary might define it as the following: “the act of being lazy and not posting new material; a NYC photographer residing in Brooklyn taking pictures and not placing them online with a written entry to accompany it; not blogged”. Ok, maybe not Merriam-Webster quality or style of definition but that’s how I’d define it. Usually, I get the opportunity to post new pictures the moment I have edited them, but for the three of my sessions, that wasn’t the case.

But, without further interruptions, JRP proudly presents “The Unblogged Photos” And many thanks again to Aubresha, Jason (Sir Alien), and Kitanya M. for being ever so gracious to be in front of the camera. And special thanks to Kit for braving the elements, namely, the rain.

[JRP ’11]