Happy Birthday Kitanya


While yesterday was Kitanya’s birthday (shall never disclose her age on the interwebs ^^) and I surprised her with a guest appearance at her place of work. It was a gift that she will never forget, and is better than any amount of money (money does help from time to time though) because it’s a memory that she will have for as long as she lives. But I thought I’d continue celebrating her birthweek via the JRP blog by showcasing a few images that I have been privileged to take of her up to this point.  So Kitanya, here’s to another year that God has allowed you to see, and the many blessings that he has in-store for you. I pray that yesterday was a really excellent day and that you had (or continue to have) your fill of birthday wishes, birthday gifts, and birthday cake. Happy Birthday babe, and as my spiritual Grandmother would say, “Happy Birthweek, Happy Birthmonth, and Happy Birthyear!!!”

[JRP ’11]