The Recovery Act


Some of y’all are probably wondering why in the world my latest entry has been dubbed “The Recovery Act”? Well, I had to recover some photo files last night, more specifically the photos from yesterday’s shoot with Kim G. Around 4:30pm yesterday (EST) the shoot had finished and all was looking well. At approximately 6:50pm (EST) I popped my camera card into the computer and no images. Some time after this I started blaming Delkin Devices for such a horrid product they have made and realized my SanDisk Extreme III SD Card came with a nifty little program called RescuePRO; which allows the user to recover lost/deleted files from any memory card. At approximately 9:30am (EST), all that was lost is now found, even some pics that I already saved to my computer and deleted had reappeared.  Thank you JESUS, and thank you SanDisk for allow me to recover that shoot.

Big thanks to Jonathan from the clan of Matamoros for vehicular transportation and assisting me with reflector and speedlite. And for both Kim and Jonathan for providing entertainment, laughs, and the short-lived 10 seconds of almost running over a Super Saiyan during his photoshoot in the process. As Kim would say (in Grand Theft Auto, 500 points), lol!!

[JRP ’11]