More Cold Weather Practice


Throughout the early part of this year, 2011, I discovering that DUMBO, Brooklyn is a really popular spot for photographers to shoot models, weddings, and urban landscape (despite whatever the temperature reading is out-of-doors). It has some really useful locations and areas to shoot in. Even with the redevelopment of that area of Brooklyn, it still showcases some really nice backdrops for photographs. DUMBO, Brooklyn would once again be the backdrop for some more practicing shooting in my never-ending quest to get better in photography as well as another opportunity to see how I’d fare with just using the camera and the gift of natural lighting (no flash, no reflectors, nada!!)

Thanks to the talented and willing Dania G. for being in front of the camera this time around. And if Kim W Goh is reading this entry, don’t worry sir, your time in front of the camera is fast approaching. I also ask my reading to critique the two images below. I would like to know if these images were successful and how these images were successful or how these images can be improved (and it doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or not, or if you know all the technical terms). I would like to use this opportunity of doing test shoots to be able to learn from them before doing more serious work. Till the next entry.

[JRP ’11]