The Brittania Test


Over the weekend I had another opportunity to gain some well needed practice (and opportunity to test out my camera once again) with the help of the talented Brittania E. of the great commonwealth known to those of the outer boroughs as… BROOKLYN. Brittania not having done a shoot in a while and myself some months removed from photographing people, we needed a good minute to establish how we were both going to dust off the webs off of our individual talents. But, thankfully it was a practice shoot, so no unnecessary pressure for either of us to be at optimal (but we got there anyway).

In post-production I got concerned that some of the images the sharpness of the images were not to my liking (I did have to utilize ISO settings of 800 and above to ensure some shots were at least 1/30 sec at the aperture shot at). While I worked some magic in Adobe Photoshop, I came across an article on the Interwebs regarding sharpness as it relates to the lens you use, the aperture used, and ISO used to name a few. The article can be seen on Outdoor Photo’s website (Maximizing Sharpness: Photography Guides)

Though Britannia is on break or hiatus, or whatever you wanna call it, you can request her through the lovely folks at using the MM# 1530365. And now, the chatter ends, and the photographs below.

[JRP ’11]