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On my lunchtime break, and thought I’d share a quick tip with off-camera flash and share a photograph the illustrates said tip.

When shooting off-camera flash, I normally shoot with the camera on manual setting, instead of E-TTL (Evaluative Through The Lens). This way, I can power up or power down the lights according given the scene that I’m shooting in; plus it feels like I’m working with studio lights so it’s like comfort food for me. When I want to shoot cross-lighting style (mixture of two different lighting types), I will shoot the scene first. In this case the scene doesn’t have to be “properly” expose, it can be properly expose (the background) or go a few stops darker; it’s totally your choice. Once I get the scene the way I want it, I take note of the f-stop. Reason being: I use a light meter to take a reading of the off-camera flash to match the f-stop on my camera. Once the two number are matched up, I go forth and shoot!! Now you try it! Follow the same steps that I did and see how it turns out for you.

[JRP ’11]