The Mobile Post


First off, I would like to extend all a Happy, Productive, and Prosperous New Year to you all. My prayer is that 2011 will be much different from that of 2010; that we would minimize the number of shortcomings (and not repeat the same ones), and that we would increase the number of successes from year’s past and that new ones will greet us at our doorsteps. While the New Year provides us with an opportunity to start fresh as it relates to the calendar year, any time and any day we can always start a new. So, don’t be surprised if on January 3rd you break your New Year’s Resolution. Just pick yourself back up and go at it again like it is January 1st all over again. I also hope you have all reflected on the past year, really sat down and took inventory of your life, your friends, your family, and figured out in what areas that need addition, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing. Maybe this is the year that some people need to be let go in your life, that some habits need to be terminated, that those negative thoughts or events that have occured need to stop being replaying in your mind; or maybe this is the year to finally add that friend, that good habit, that goal that you were putting off year after year. Whatever it is, I hope you are ready to do this in 2011.

[The Traditional J.Reid Hiatus]
Last year I decided to take a break from paid and free assignments in photography to give my mind and body an opportunity to recover from photography and to use the downtime to read my photography books to learn or re-learn techniques so I can remain sharp and be ready for the first shoot of the year. This year is no different. I will be on break for the first 37 days of the year. That’s right friends, I will not be doing any paid and free assignments until February 7th, 2011. This does not mean my camera will be collecting dust…NO NO!!! I will be using the time to tighten up on my photoshop abilities as it relates to Post-Production. I will also be reading books of other photographers works like Richard Avedon and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to see how they used light in their photographs. And, of course, scouting locations, making sure my current digital camera is working properly, testing lighting equipment and setups and formulating concepts for shoots. I ask that any requests for photography be made after the February 7th date. Thank you in advance.

[The Blog Going Forward]
One of things I think I have strayed away from is the main reason I started the blog, to let my photographs be the star of the blog and not my thousand words that accompany them. They do say a photograph is worth one thousand words…but you don’t necessarily have to use all one thousand of them, LOL!!! I do want to continue to do lighting setup tutorials or examples and I want to do other photography related tutorials, but I definitely want to go back to just showing new images, nothing more or less than just the image. One of things during my hiatus will be to sit down and look at how I want to approach the future content of my blog. (Don’t be surprised if all my 50 plus entries make a magical journey to the recycling bin on WordPress.) The rate at which I update is something that I will also consider looking into, and because the fine folks at supply a mobile device app for smartphones, I think I’d want to start using that as well.

Again, I pray that 2011 is better than the year’s previous. I look forward to greeting you with new photos and content in the upcoming weeks and months.


Edited @ 1:11pm, Thank You Greg Bastien for catching some errors!